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I'm Deb/Debra/Debra Jo and my pronouns are she/her

I’m a 30-something-year-old who has known for a long time that writing is a part of my soul. Through a series of entirely fortunate events, I’ve wielded words across a variety of industries and have become a marketing expert. I am passionate about creating meaningful partnerships with businesses in Pennsylvania and beyond to help them grow and experience success in their endeavors.

Let’s grow together. 

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Random tidbits of information

Icebreakers, fun facts, and other things

  • My favorite color is green, and my favorite time of year is spring, when the world seems to beam in a thousand shades of green. 
  •  I rarely stop singing. In fact, my husband and I estimate that we communicate via song lyrics at least 50% of the time.
  • I absolutely love living, working, and playing in Pennsylvania.
  • Pinterest is my favorite social media and search tool.
  • I love data, both in marketing and on my Garmin Connect dashboard.
  • I’m a body and fat acceptance activist and fiercely believe that there is room for every body, and we should all take up the exact amount of space we need and want.

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Whatever your marketing needs are, I’m looking forward to working together to meet and exceed your goals!