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Consulting & Strategy

Marketing Consulting

The beginning is a very good place to start. Let’s evaluate your current marketing strategy, tactics, budget—everything you’re currently doing to find and communicate with your target market. Don’t have those on paper? No worries! We’ll start there as one of our goals of working together.

Marketing Strategy

Figuring out how to best utilize your marketing resources can be tricky. We’ll work together to find the best opportunities to market to your target audience, stay competitive within your industry, increase sales, attendance, and more.

Branding & Website Development


Your brand is so much more than your logo and website colors. As one the most important aspects of your business, let’s work to ensure that your brand supports your marketing efforts, makes your business and products memorable, and encourages your target market to buy from you.

Website Development

Whether you need a refresh or an entirely new website, maintenance and updates, or to learn how to better manage your website in conjunction with your other daily tasks, I’ve got you covered. 

Debra Schultz Branding and Website Development
Debra Schultz Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization SEO

Content Marketing & SEO

Content Strategy & Development

Content is the number one way to connect to your audience. Creating, publishing, and distributing content that inspires your target audience, answers their questions, encourages them to engage with you and others is (or should be) a top marketing goal for all businesses. From website content and blogs to social media, email marketing, and beyond, let’s make a content strategy that makes sense for your audience and budget.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We don’t just want more website traffic, we want better website traffic. With both technical and content site improvements, we can increase search visibility across search engines and the amount of qualified traffic getting to your website.

Social Media Strategy & Management

Social Media Strategy

Creating a social media strategy helps us guide our plans and set measurable, achievable goals. It also makes sure we’re not putting emphasis (or budget) on tactics, channels, or audiences that don’t serve your overall marketing goals.

Social Media Management

Do you feel like Facebook is a “necessary evil”? Do you scramble to post something to Instagram or Twitter because you suddenly realized you haven’t posted in a week? Not even sure what the password is to that Pinterest account you made? From content planning and development to posting, managing customer interactions, and reviewing analytics, I can take that “necessary evil” off your plate.

Debra Schultz Marketing Social Media Strategy and Management
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